Small and mid-size businesses are what give our culture backbones. They are the ones that have been there to serve the hot meal we can expect each time we go there. They are the ones to serve us the special treat we can share with our family. They are the ones to drop everything to mend our outfits for the special night. They make our communities thrive and celebrate the culture we build within them.

Keeping the culture of our communities alive means keeping these businesses thriving. Our experience comes from being able to create videos costing thousands of dollars to make. We wanted to give small and mid-sized businesses the ability to compete and thrive even more through the use of video in their marketing and sales efforts. To accomplish this we have set out to offer affordable options (budgets friendly for businesses) to create video content for marketing and sales engagements. Thus we created Social Video.

We provide high quality videos that are produced quickly and affordably. Giving you all three elements of production you desire. We look forward to working with you to see your business thrive. 

Our Beliefs

  • We believe we should create videos we would want to watch.
  • We believe enjoyment and play brings out the best. 
  • We believe trust is the most important part of a relationship.
  • We believe that your favorite is better than being just number 1. We want to be your favorite.
  • We believe that showing-up on time is important.
  • We believe a dog can provide enjoyment most any time, we have them around.